Founded in 2009 My Wealth Builders, also known as MWB, is an independent boutique real estate development company that has been fundamentally shaped by the Australian Dream.

At MWB, we are committed to a consistent standard of high quality, both of service and end product. MWB works to identify unique financial opportunities in premium development locations with greater accuracy and timeliness than our larger, more cumbersome competitors. We do this while never charging an upfront fee. Never have, never will. This allows our focus to be on only the most premium of annual returns, giving our investors peace of mind. 


Led by Nelson Zhou, our team shares a fundamental belief in the Australian Dream. This belief has delivered the success of over 70 projects in both Queensland and Victoria and inspires our team and our valued investors each day.


The best part? There's still room to grow. Let us share that future with you.



MWB operates in both Victoria and Queensland. We work on a diverse range of projects including over 60 residential townhouse development, 10 land subdivision, a couple of residential apartments and several commercial projects such as Child Care Centre, Aged Care Facility, Retirement Village, Student Accommodation and so on.


MWB is focused on adding value to development projects, understanding your needs and tailoring our service to deliver required outcomes. Whether it be sourcing development sites, undertaking feasibilities, providing equity for joint venture participation or unlocking development value, your project objectives will be delivered with precision, passion and peace of mind.


We understand the importance of building and maintaining the best customer relationship, as well as the bond between our company and the consultants who work with us. We have been working with the industry's top business partners including town planners, lawyers, civil consultants, architects, engineers, local governments, banks, builders, insurers and real estate agents and have established the mutually beneficial relationship with them.






Nelson’s story is one we are all familiar with: the successful Australian Immigrant. After moving to Australia at age 23 with little more than spare change in his back pocket, Nelson was just one of many foreign workers. He has since gone on to found multiple successful businesses in Australia, epitomising what it means to be the underdog Australian. In 2009 and after more than 25 years of business experience side by side with his wife Liping Huang, MWB was founded. In doing so, Nelson and Liping created a growing development platform for investors, engineers, builders and buyers.

After many years and with a vibrant team of specialists, Nelson has successfully led MWB through its infancy, to the premier volume property developer it is today.
His actions speak louder than words.



Liping arrived in Australia in 1993 after graduating as mechanical engineer from the prestigious University of Shanghai. She brings over 20 years of fiscal experience to the team, and prides herself on being able to see the people behind the numbers. Working as the director and chief financial advisor at MWB, Liping knows the ins and outs of the business better than anyone.

Liping’s stern work ethic, yet friendly demeanour has won her friends in both her professional and personal life.



Mr Xuming Fan successively worked in the Huadong Engineering Corporation of the Ministry of Power of China, the United States Longan Planners and Architects Pty Ltd and the Fanhua Engineering Co. Ltd of the Ministry of Construction of China. He then formed the Links International Group and participated in numerous Urban planning, architectural design and real estate development businesses. 

Since 1984, he has been responsible for a large number of real estate development, urban planning and architectural design consulting projects, investment in real estate development, participate in project planning, design, development management, engineering procurement and construction. He has unique insights into Australian real estate investment, land development and capital management.

The 34 years of work experience in the real estate development industry will provide the Clients with services including project planning and marketing, town planning and architectural design, construction and project financing.



B.Arch. Architects Registration

Board of Victoria

Steven joined MWB in 2017 and brings a wealth of local and international experience in design, project management and property development. In his many roles, Steven has seen through developments like Aperia, a high rise mixed use development with office, retail and F&B outlets with a total of GFA 85,044 sqm in Singapore; Crown Plaza Hotel in Shanghai; residential projects of varied scales in Melbourne and Brisbane; Embassies in Thailand and Cambodia; and many more residential and commercial projects across the two continents. Steven is an registered architect in Australia (Victoria) and Singapore. He is committed to the highest levels of professional and work collaboratively with various stakeholders to ensure desired outcomes are achieved and smooth delivery of MWB projects.



As a graduate, Sue joined Xianglu Dragon Group as an international procurement agent in 2006, was responsible for purchasing equipment from overseas for the largest signal production capacity of PTA project worldwide. Two years later, Sue joined Accenture for Microsoft financial project. During the time at Accenture, Sue had worked with clients and colleagues from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, and participated several management conferences to make sure the projects carried on time, within budget. Sue came to Australia in 2010 as a skilled migrant and joined AIB for her MBA degree. Now working in MWB has brought a new journey in Investment and Real Estate Development industries.

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